We offer a wide variety of desserts everyday, including vegan and gluten-free cakes and raw tarts.

You can order any of our desserts for your special occasion or get together, simply call 816.561.5415, press 0 and place your order with our host. (48 hours advance notice required)

Many of our desserts can be made soy-free, and the majority can be made vegan.



twelve inch cakes ( $42 )

We cut our cakes into 12 generous slices, but they can feed up to 20.
Purchased whole cakes come on a cardboard platter wrapped in plastic wrap.
If you want to use one of our cake platters: deposit $20, refunded upon safe return.

We don't offer any specialty writing...
our cakes and desserts have their own unique beauty.

all about chocolate
chocolate chocolate chip cake with chocolate whipped cream and chocolate ganache and chopped chocolate

avocado with lemon avocado frosting and pistachios
(when available)

Aztec cocoa (pictured above)
chocolate cake with chili powder, agave, vanilla and cinnamon ganache

apple lavender
white cake with lavender petals, grannysmith apples, coconut oil and brown sugar

banana chocolate chip with chocolate ganache

banana nut
banana and walnut cake with banana frosting and chopped walnuts

banana chocolate-chocolate chip

banana cranberry spice with cinnamon icing

blueberry chai (pictured above)

blueberry lavender
lavender and vanilla cake with vanilla frosting and fresh blueberries
(when available)

cinnamon chocolate

carrot cinnamon

chocolate coconut
chocolate and coconute flake cake with vanilla frosting and coconut flakes

carrot apple sour cream with burnt sugar
(not available vegan)

chocolate coconut almond
chocolate and coconute flake cake with vanilla frosting and coconut flakes with crushed almonds

chocolate strawberry

chocolate banana

cinnamon strawberry chocolate

chocolate banana with butter cream frosting

chocolate cinnamon coconut

chocolate peanut butter with chocolate ganache

chocolate coffee with creamy mocha frosting (vegan)
made with coffee, coconut oil and hemp milk drizzled with a chocolate chip ganache

chocolate lavendar (pictured above)

carrot walnut

chocolate peppermint
chocolate mint cake with a vanilla pepermint frosting topped with crushed candy canes
(seasonal - not available vegan)

coconut and lime (pictured above)
lime infused vanilla cake with lime whipped cream, toasted coconut and lime zest

german chocolate (pictured above)

green tea and almond (vegan)
vanilla and green tea cake infused with almond extract with green tea frosting and chopped almonds

lavender chocolate-chocolate chip

lemon lime and walnut poppy seed (pictured above)

mint chocolate-chocolate chip

mighty mocha
chocolate coffe cake with mocha whipped cream and chocolate ganache
(not available vegan...see our chocolate coffee for a vegan version)

orange vanilla rooibos with dried fruit (pictured above)

pb and j

pumpkin walnut (pictured above)
pumpkin cake with a pumpkin frosting and chopped candied walnuts

peanut butter lovers
vanilla peanut butter cake with a peanut butter whipped cream, peanut ganache and chopped peanuts

peanut butter chocolate chip

presley peanut butter banana
vanilla banana and peanut butter cake with a vanilla frosting, candied banana slices and a peanut butter ganache

tuscadero velvet chocolate beet
chocolate beet cake with a luscious bright pink (pinkie tuscadero) beet frosting


vanilla chocolate chip with ganache and whip cream
(not available vegan)

venus snowflake with chocolate ganache
white coconut cake with vanilla whipped cream, coconut snowflakes and chocolate ganache
(not available vegan)

white on white
vanilla and white chocolate chip cake with vanilla whipped cream, chopped white chocolate chips and white chocolate ganache
(not available vegan)



fourteen inch round $50  |  seventeen inch rectangle $90

platter deposit $20, refunded upon safe return.
(not available gluten-free)


apple cranberry


banana nut

banana chocolate

banana chocolate chip


carrot cinnamon

coconut cranberry

cinnamon cranberry

cinnamon chocolate chip

cinnamon raisin

lemon cranberry

pumpkin (seasonal)

peanut butter and chocolate chip



silver dollar $1 per person  |  cafe full size $2 per person

(minimum order is 2 dozen per)

chocolate chip and oatmeal

cinnamon chocolate-chocolate chip and oatmeal

crunchy peanut butter

coconut walnut chocolate chip

cinnamon oatmeal raisin

chocolate chip and coconut

chocolate-chocolate chip

chocolate chip

chocolate chip peanut butter

lavender chocolate chip
(our signature cookie)


oatmeal cinnamon with red raisins

oatmeal cinnamon

oatmeal cranberry with walnuts

peanut butter

peanut butter cranberry

peanut butter chocolate chip



apple crisp

apple crisp with blueberries
(when available)

apple cranberry crisp

cinnamon apple walnut cobbler

fruit crisp