We feel that what is best for the body, is also best for the Earth. Likewise, what is best for the community around us, is also best for ourselves. Our goal is to provide a space to promote Healthy Living as well as a Healthy Community.

The US Department of Health and Human Services defines a "Healthy Community" as one that continuously creates and improves both it's physical and social environments, helping people to support one another in aspects of daily life and to develop their fullest potential.

Our organization will provide tools and information for individuals to make healthier choices for themselves, as well as their families. By promoting a supportive on-line forum for Healthy Living, we feel we can encourage the individuals around us to also support their local communities.

In order to improve the quality of our environment, we will help raise funds for Charitable Organizations that we feel are doing their best to improve, not only the standard of living, but the quality of living in their communities.

There are many organizations throughout our community whose sole purpose is to help others. We feel that by helping these organizations, we will be able to provide them with some of the funds they need to develop to their fullest potential, and help make our community an even more healthy and prosperous one.

It is our belief that with the success of these organizations, our communities will become more stable, safer, and healthier. They will be providing an environment that within itself promotes a healthier standard of living for all who live there. Thus enabling the individual person to maintain an overall healthier and happier lifestyle in their daily lives

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Mara-Living is my space to share with you about my experiences as a long-time vegan, mother, wife, and my new endeavors with Veg-Living from my little corner of Kansas City. We're just getting started here, so check back frequently to get new videos, blogs, and watch the site grow!