Feeding hungry people since 1994, Eden Alley has become a cornerstone of the Kansas City dining experience offering vegetarian, vegan, and health-conscious meals to hundreds each day.

Our vegetarià (vegetarian cafeteria) seats 120 with an additional 20 seats on Unity's inviting garden patio. Open Wednesday thru Saturday for lunch and Dinner from 11 to 9.

Eden Alley features a relaxing atmosphere and passionate food to energize you. Our food is hand-made, featuring LOCAL and ORGANIC produce all combined with TRADITIONAL ingredients to produce a "DIVINE FLAVOR for the CONSCIOUS EATER." 100% Vegetarian...including Vegan, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, and Nut-Free options. Exquisite meals that make you feel good and live healthier using the flavors and vitality of the ingredients.

We offer fast and scrumptious lunch. Luxurious and delectable dinner. Imaginative Saturday Brunch from 11-4, featuring vegetarian and vegan breakfast items. Fresher than Fresh Micro-Specials. Outside dining on our Garden Patio, with a street level view of the Plaza.

Our customers tend to love pretty much everything they eat. A popular phrase we hear is "I've never had a bad meal here" or the other day, "This is the best food we have ever eaten, outside of our house" pretty great comments! Our customers appreciate us and we love them!

As a small business who helps feed the world, we believe that conducting a profitable business in ways that are sensitive to the environment is the only way to do business.

Our commitment to the environment and emphasis on awareness, conservation, waste reduction and recycling positively affects the lives of our customers, staff and all of the inhabitants in our surrounding area, today and tomorrow. We support and encourage recycling and all actions to reduce the solid waste produced in our restaurant operation and are constantly in search of better ways of doing business.

We have grown in size and knowledge over the years we have been open and there are several areas we have improved on from a health point. The majority of our menu selections are completely vegan or able to be with slight modification.

We also offer gluten-free and soy-free items. We incorporate traditional, organic and synthetic free ingredients in creating our specials. We also make it a point to continuously change our special offerings so that our customers have a fantastic variety. Some of our customers come in several times a week and have the choice of ordering a different meal each time.

We list our menu on the website and 
Micro-Specials are promoted via Facebook, Twitter (@edenalleycafe) and Instagram (#edenalleycafe). Coming for SATURDAY BRUNCH? Check out our BRUNCH SPECIALS available from 11 to 4.

Free WiFi : ) Part of the solar powered COMMUNITY on the Plaza...lower level of Unity Temple.