Our food is hand-made, featuring LOCAL and ORGANIC produce, all combined with TRADITIONAL ingredients to produce a "DIVINE FLAVOR for the CONSCIOUS EATER."

Catering services we offer for your event:

PICK-UP - Any of our services, from lunch boxes to beautiful, fully-plattered and ready to serve catering meals, are available for you to conveniently pick-up at our restaurant. Deposit fees will be charged on our platters, but you are always welcome to bring your own platters for use, thus requiring no deposit or return. ($)

DROP-OFF - We can provide you with lunch boxes, small or large platters, at your location of choice. Delivery and Deposit fees will apply. We can come back and pick-up our platters, etc. for an additional fee. ($$)

BUFFET SET-UP without service - Here or there, we'll design small intimate or large elaborate buffets, whatever your desire. Delivery and Deposit fees may apply. We can come back and pick-up our platters, etc. for an additional fee. ($$) WE OFFER FULL-SERVICE CATERING AT OUR LOCATION IN OUR RESTAURANT OR PRIVATE ROOM ONLY.

BOX LUNCHES - Pretty much any meal we offer can be individually boxed up and ready to go with biodegradable tableware and napkins. You can pick from our catering menu and/or our restaurant menu and we'll take care of the rest. We can even modify many of our meals into sandwiches or roll-ups...different versions of popular meals re-thought for the box. 20 box minimum per item / 48 hour advance notice. We also offer drinks and desserts as well. All prices are per person and subject to change due to current market value. ($$)

FULL-SERVICE CATERING - WE OFFER FULL-SERVICE CATERING AT OUR LOCATION IN OUR RESTAURANT OR PRIVATE ROOM ONLY. - Our staff creates an unparalleled experience for your event. The staff is guaranteed at least 4 hours of work. Remember that when we cater for you and your guests, you are responsible for all costs associated with your event, including service and supplies.

  • BUFFET STYLE: We hire one server for every 20-30 guests you have to ensure a perfect event. ($$$)
  • TABLE SERVICE: We hire one server for every 12-16 guests, plus additional kitchen staff are needed. ($$$$)

RENTALS - Any additional items needed for your event such as fancy tableware, plates, napkins, table cloths, buffet linens, real flowers for buffet, wine glasses, chafing dishes, etc. are "rentals", all of which we can order and coordinate for you at cost.

Costs to consider when planning your event

for a 2 hour reception with 100 guests:

Caring and Exquisite Service Staff

Keep in mind that there will usually be a 1-2 hour set-up and 1-2 hour clean-up, before and after your event. 
This makes 4-6+ hours of actual catering time for our staff to ensure your event is perfect.

  • Culinary Team includes Chef and at least two Kitchen Staff hand preparing each meal in accordance with your preferences and guests' dietary needs and restrictions. 

    Hourly rates for Culinary Team:  Chef ($75) Kitchen Staff ($30 each)

  • Service Team includes Coordinator who is in charge of the staff and responsible for making your event flawless and specifically taking care of your needs, four to five Servers ensuring your guests get optimal service, and if needed, a Bartender. 

    Hourly rates for Service Team:  Coordinator ($40) Serving Staff ($25 each)

Room (or) Hall rental (if applicable)

Rentals - your choice of extra tables, chairs, linens, wine glasses, etc., if needed

sample rentals priced per piece:

  • plates (cake=.35, bread= .55, buffet=.55),
  • utensils (.20 each) fork-knife-spoon (.60 per person)
  • glassware (pint=.65), (champagne=.65), (water=.40)
  • coffee cup and saucer (1.10)
  • napkins (.50) you will want 2 per person (1.)
  • tablecloths (rectangle 54"x114"=9.), (round 120"=13.5)
  • delivery fee (60.) includes drop-off and pick-up

biodegradable plastic priced per piece:

  • plates (cake=.10, buffet=.18)
  • utensils (.20)
  • glassware (.20)
  • coffee cup (.30)

and of course, Divine hand-made food crafted with love


If you are interested in learning more about our catering, or wish to book us for your event, please give us a call at 816.561.5415, or email us at edenalley(@)edenalley.com.

If your event is within the next week, please call our cafe at 816.561.5415 press 0 to speak with our host.

Check out our some of our menu options:  Quick Picks | Catering Menu | Cafe Menu


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you cater at other places?
We offer drop-off and set-up in the metro area.

Are there any restrictions on music or beverages?
Beer and wine are allowed. Dj's or bands have been used in the past.

Is there a time limit on renting the hall?
The hall is rented in 6 hour blocks, either daytime or night.

Are there restrictions on decorations?
The church does not allow any tape to be used, and of course, no damage of any kind could occur.

Does the price cover clean up?
The food prices on the website are for food only. Clean up and service are listed above on our sample cost breakdown.

Do we have to provide servers or are they available?
We have experienced staff ready to work. We require 1 server per 20 guests for buffets and 1 server per 12 guests for sit-down service, to ensure proper service for you and your guests.

Do I need to give you a deposit?
$200 "saves the date" for your specified event date and goes toward your total bill.

What happens if we have to cancel our event?
Depends on when cancellation occurs:

  • Cancellation up to 22 days before event without any fees.
  • Cancellation within 21 days of event forfeits client's deposit.
  • Cancellation within 1 week of event requires payment of half food quote.
  •   We will have already purchased ingredients for your event.
  • Cancellation less than 1 week of event requires full payment of food quote.
  •   We will have already purchased & started preparing food for your event.

Do you require security guards?
For our location, the plaza already has security. Elsewhere would be up to your discretion.

Does the price of food include tax?
Tax is not included and currently is 10.85% for the plaza.

Do we have to rent tables, chairs, linens, plateware, and silverware if you do the catering?
We have tables and chairs, plates and silverware for 100 people, which we use in our restaurant. This comes free of charge. If you wish table cloths or china...that would have to be rented...as well as champagne or wine glasses. Many of our clients have used bio-ware for plates, glasses, etc., that is made from corn or potato starch. These products are very sturdy and biodegrade. We can show you if your interested.

If you are the caterer, can we bring in our own cake? Is there a fee for that?
You can bring your own traditional wedding cake with no additional fee.

Do we do all the clean up?
Our staff would do the clean up. Clean up and service are listed above on our sample cost breakdown.

How soon could we come in to decorate?
Approximately 1 hour before your event.

Can we bring in our own food?
No outside food is permitted. We make exceptions for specialty cakes from a bakery only - no homemade cakes. We also make an occasional exception for those who want to bring in ethnic desserts. However, you must sign a waiver of liability if you are bringing in these items.

If someone becomes ill from the food, we don't know whose food caused the illness. We work out of health certified kitchen, have taken food handling safety courses and are certified, we know how to prepare and hold food safely. We live in such a litigious society, our insurance company is opposed to taking the chance.

Eden Alley is a vegetarian restaurant, do you offer meat?

Do you do any kind of taste testing on the foods we are considering for the buffet?
We typically don't do tastings. Once you decide on your menu, we can put vegetarian or vegan items on our restaurant menu and email you when they will be on, so you can come try them.

If you want a tasting, we can do that, but you will need pay for all the costs associated with that: chef, food, and other employees that would be necessary.

Do you make wedding cakes?
We do non-traditional wedding cakes. View samples.

Is there a fee to rent the hall without you catering?
Yes. If Eden Alley is not the caterer, there would be a fee for us closing our restaurant any day we are open.

























This includes your $1000 room rental fee to Unity Temple. Christine Garvey handles room rentals and her email is christine(@)unitytemple.com and phone number 816.561.4466 ext.109


Our initial consultation is free; subsequent meetings are subject to charge. We require a $200 deposit to "save the date", which goes towards your final bill. Cancellation within 21 days of event forfeits client's deposit. Cancellation within 1 week of event requires payment of half food quote, because we will have already purchased ingredients for your event. Cancellation less than 1 week of event requires full payment of food quote, as we will have already purchased and started preparing food for your event. Estimate Payment due 7 days prior to event. Any remaining charges will be due within 1 week after your event.